Think of a subject you are interested in and would like to know more about. Based on the requirements for your assignment, think of several ideas or issues within that subject. Based on the requirements of the assignment, brainstorm several ideas or issues that interest you. Keep in mind that research should:

  • Produce knowledge;
  • Reach unbiased & truthful conclusions;
  • Utilize credible sources.
What makes a topic “Researchable?”
  • It’s not too big or too small;
  • It focuses on some aspect of a topic about which something has been said;
  • It interests the researcher;
  • Some people have a stake in the answer. It has something to do with how we live or might live, what we care about, or what might be important for people to know;
  • It raises more questions. The answers might not be simple.


Start by exploring Library databases which offer lists of current topics:

You can also see examples of "researchable" topics on the Library's website.

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