Journals are periodicals that publish original research and articles on recent developments in specific scholarly disciplines. They are usually published by academic institutions, professional organizations or specialized scholarly publishers. Articles are written by scholars in an academic or professional field.

Many scholarly journals are peer-reviewed. In the peer-review process, experts in the field must review and approve articles before they are accepted for publication. This helps ensure the published articles are accurate, well researched, and make a significant contribution to the field.

Articles in scholarly journals…

  • don't usually contain pictures or advertisements.
  • often start with an abstract.
  • include references or bibliographies.
  • list the author and their credentials or affiliated institution.
  • are written in specialized or scholarly language and usually assume some background knowledge on the part of the reader.

Use journals…

  • when doing scholarly research.
  • to find original research and scholarly opinions on your topic.
  • to find bibliographies that point to other relevant research.

Because the peer-review process is time-consuming, Journals are generally not a good source for current news or up-to the-minute developments in a field.

Scholarly journals are key resources for academic assignments!