Which Database?

Choosing the right database is an essential part of research. How do you know which one to pick?

By Resource Type

Library databases house many different types of resources: reference materials, such as dictionaries and encyclopedias, eBooks, and various periodicals, like newspapers, magazines, and journals. One way to pick a database is to determine which type of material you're searching for and select a database that houses that type of resource.

By Subject Area

Most library databases are subject-specific. There are databases for education, psychology, business, health and medicine...virtually every academic discipline! Other databases are more general or multi-disciplinary, and provide access to materials on a wide variety of subjects. If you cannot locate a database that is specific to your subject area or topic, try a general or multi-disciplinary database.

By Faculty or Librarian Recommendation

Still not sure which database to start with? Ask your faculty member or a librarian for their recommendation. Faculty members are experts in their fields and may be familiar with a specific library database or resource they can recommend. Librarians are database experts and can help you determine which materials are housed in which database. You can usually find recommended databases by subject on your library's website, and you're always encouraged to ask for help picking a database.