True or False?

The Web is a great place to find information, but be wary of what you find. Be sure to evaluate a website by investigating who is behind the information, checking to see when it was last updated, and, if needed, verifying information with a few other sources before you use it as a credible source.

One of these websites is a real source and one is a fake. Can you tell which is which? What clues can you find to help you make an informed decision?

The links below will open in a new browser window. Once you have looked at both sites, return here and click the button for the site you think is the real one.

Correct! is the true website of the World Economic Forum. is a satire site set up by an advocacy group to comment on the WEF's policies. They did a good enough job of making it look realistic that it would be easy to take it at face value if you weren't looking closely.

Carefully evaluating Sources of information is an important part of making sure information you use in your research (and throughout your life) is relevant, credible, and usable.

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Some things to look at:

  • When was each page last updated?
  • Do all the links work and lead where you expect them to?
  • What can you learn from the "About Us" pages?